• XBee Pro 60mW U.FL Connection - Series 1 (802.15.4)

Do you want to have a 2.4GHz XBee XBP24-AUI-001 Antenna module from Digi? We provide this right here. In this series, we use the same pinout and command set of the basic series but definitely with higher output power that reaches 60mW.

The 802.15.4 stack is provided for these modules, or in other words, this is the basis for Zigbee that is required. It gets wrapped up and converted into a serial command set that is easy and simple to use, which therefore allows communication to occur among microcontrollers, systems, and computers and much more in an efficient and reliable way. Note that point to point and multi-point networks are supported.

Also, this product provides the best performance since it enables the longest range possible because of the combination it makes with the 2.4GHz antenna. The UFL RF connectors and RP-SMA antennas are interfaces through the cable.

Not sure which XBee module or accessory is right for you? Check out Sparkfun's XBee Buying Guide!

The antenna is a 2.4GHz Duck Antenna 2.2dBi with Reverse Polarized - SMA RF connector.

The cable interfaces UFL RF connectors to RP-SMA antennas.

Note: If you are using these outside of the United States, please check with your local laws regarding radio communication.


  • 3.3V @ 215mA
  • 250kbps Max data rate
  • 60mW output (+18dBm)
  • 1 mile (1500m) range
  • Fully FCC certified
  • 6 10-bit ADC input pins
  • 8 digital IO pins
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Local or over-air configuration
  • AT or API command set
  • External Antenna Required, we suggest the (Interface Cable U.FL to RP-SMA, and 2.4GHz RP-SMA Duck Antenna)




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XBee Pro 60mW U.FL Connection - Series 1 (802.15.4)

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