• LilyPad LiPower

Do you need a power supply? One that is easy to use but very powerful? This board is actually designed in this way. One very interesting thing about this, it is capable of recharging Lithium Polymer batteries! Are you wondering what’s so special about these batteries according to a AAA battery? Well, they’re smaller, flatter, BUT, they last longer! All you have to do is to attach a single cell LiPo battery, and flip the power supply, in this case, there will be 5V supply provided for your LilyPad network, which is really what’s needed. Note that a short circuit is definitely protected, also, it works well up to 150mA.
Hold on, another interesting property about this board is its ability to connect to our JST terminated single cell 3.7V LiPo batteries through the JST connector it has. This LiPo battery can be charged through the terminals it has (with one of our charges for LiPo)

What is a LilyPad? Basically, it’s a wearable technology, it’s designed in a way that accepts having large connecting pads, this allows them to be sewn into clothing, they’re washable, and also many inputs, outputs, power, and sensor boards are available.


  • 18mm outer diameter
  • Thin 0.8mm PCB



[Prduct pictures and description are courtest of Sparkfun.com]

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LilyPad LiPower

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