• Solar Charger and Battery Pack - 3500mAh

Description: This solar charged battery pack is the size of a cell phone but packs a 0.6W solar cell, charging circuit, boost converter and 3500mAh of Lithium Polymer storage. Simply leave the battery pack with the solar panel facing up and when you need power, press the power button and dial over to the voltage you need. The unit has 9V/1A output as well as 5V output at either 1 or 2 Amps.

A standard USB-A type connector makes it easy to plug this thing into your favorite device and mini-B port can be used to charge the pack when you don't have access to (or patience for) solar power.

Note: Although the datasheet shows an assortment of nice proprietary cell phone connectors for you to throw away, we've saved you the trouble by ordering these units without the connector pack. You'll only receive the unit itself. You probably have a USB cable laying around somewhere, don't you? If not, check the related products.

Dimensions: 65 x 115 x 12mm



[Product pictures and description are courtesy of Sparkfun.com]

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Solar Charger and Battery Pack - 3500mAh

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