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ATTEN 900M-T-LB Short Review: Long-life soldering iron replacement tip for precision component soldering. It is compatible with ATTEN AT100D, AT201D, AT204D, AT60D, AT80D, AT937B, AT938D, AOYUE 701, 701A+, Lukey 936+.

Long-life soldering iron replacement tip ATTEN 900M-T-LB allows precision component soldering and is designed to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip.


Digital Soldering Station ATTEN AT100D
Digital Soldering Station ATTEN AT201D
Digital Soldering Station ATTEN AT204D
Digital Soldering Station ATTEN AT60D
Digital Soldering Station ATTEN AT80D
Digital Soldering Station ATTEN AT937B
Digital Soldering Station ATTEN AT938D
Soldering Station AOYUE 701
Soldering Station AOYUE 701A+
Soldering Station AOYUE 738
Soldering Station AOYUE 899A+
Soldering Station Lukey 702
Soldering Station Lukey 850D
Soldering Station Lukey 868
Soldering Station Lukey 936+
Hot Tweezer AOYUE 950+


This soldering iron tip has a copper base. Inside of the tip there are nickel and chromium inlays.

Replacement Procedure

  1. Unscrew a barrel nut.
  2. Take off a heater collar.
  3. Replace a soldering tip.

Useful Information

  • The iron tip may work less if you use a lead solder than when you use lead free solder.
  • Do not clean the iron tip with a cleaning pad or a rasp-file.
  • Soldering iron tip thermal conductivity worsens when oxides stick to it. To clean a tip use moist cellulose sponge. If it doesn't help, use a special tip cleaner.

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Soldering Tip - Sharp

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